Audio fiction
to captivate young adults

The creative freedom around podcasts allows
for innovation in the formats offered, depending on the target.

How is it possible to reach, educate and captivate 18-25 year olds on digital ? Faced with a mass of content offered to them daily, it is difficult for brands to stand out. Audio fiction offers a complete experience for advertisers because it :

  • capitalises on uses already pre-empted by young adults (on-demand consumption on Netflix, in transport, on smart phones, etc.)
  • uses the characters to reflect situations known to the target, to offer a credible and captivating environment that is their own,
  • offers innovative, immersive formats and above all, a unique and unprecedented listening experience
  • conveys messages in a way that is perfectly integrated into the proposed content.

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About the LMDE case (La Mutuelle Des Etudiants)

LMDE has an important preventive role for students.

It seeks to provide advice, information and solutions to young French people, in order to support them during periods that are difficult to manage.
LMDE chose the podcast, in order to reach this volatile target audience that is captivated by this new format.
The problem was as follows : how to tackle taboo subjects related to mental health, addictions, sexuality, daily violence that are affecting more and more young people (lockdown has greatly accentuated this), without causing rejection or using moralising speech?

Calliopé’s reponse

THE DREAMERS is an audio fiction in 4 seasons, which features a group of 4 friends through the voice messages they leave for each other on a daily basis. We share with them their moods, their rants, their worries, their joys…In short, their life.
The characters mirror the listeners, having profiles similar to the target. There are therefore 4 main characters, 4 personalities, 4 stories and journeys, 4 ways of conveying the brand’s messages…

  • Creation of the name and visual identity of the program
  • Creation of the sound logo and the jingle
  • Casting the 4 actors
  • Writing scripts : pitches, intros/outros, dialogues
  • Studio recordings
  • Production/Editing/Mixing
  • Hosting and digital distribution
  • Statistical reporting