Share their innovations
and strengthen their positioning

The branded podcast allows companies to open their communication to a wider audience.

Companies have a major stake in their communication: sharing essential content with their targets (news, innovations, offers and products,…) but also strengthening their positioning with all stakeholders (general public, prospects, investors, press, partners, etc.).

The branded podcast allows these companies to make themselves known to a wider audience, disregarding differentiated B2B and B2C communication (indeed, a professional today listens to a podcast in a professional as well as a personal setting).
Popular podcast formats, which have shown their effectiveness are: views from experts, detailed customer cases, discussions around prospective analysis,…

A branded content that complements each communication plan already in place, to capture targets at new available listening times.

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About the Bouygues Bâtiment case

Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe, a specialist in the construction and renovation of public and private buildings and facilities, wanted to address the general public and architecture enthusiasts to take a behind-the-scenes look at remarkable buildings.

The podcast “Sonopolis: the voice of the city”
Launched earlier this year, season 1 of this podcast will consist of 7 episodes and a season 2 is already scheduled.

The challenge is to tackle the key subject, the city of tomorrow.
Experts in construction and real estate, architects, craftsmen… as well as city dwellers paint a portrait of a city that is changing according to the needs of its inhabitants and ecological, economic and political issues.

Calliopé’s reponse

Sonopolis is a programme that is intended to become established over time and evolve. Thus, the agency was able to create a very strong relationship of trust with Bouguyes Bâtiment France Europe and the Insign agency, to offer qualitative content, innovative for the sector and in perfect harmony with the communication challenges of the company.

  • Creative concept and artistic Direction
  • Voice over casting
  • Creation of the sound logo and the jingle
  • Studio + in-situ + outdoor recordings
  • Production / Editing / Mixing
  • Hosting and digital distribution
  • Statistical reporting