Unite and communicate internally
through audio

Presenting an internal voice can take many forms, that’s the magic of the podcast : knowing how to reinvent yourself, to unite, inform, entertain or surprise your employees..

The challenges of internal communication are numerous and we too often find the same tools to respond to them.

The podcast represents a real opportunity for companies to communicate differently to their employees and to vary their narrative.

Making employees hear the reality on the ground can, for example, be decisive in facilitating communication between several departments or in bringing together employees scattered throughout the country.

Audio brings an often sought-after authenticity, by making the voices of a company heard, in all their diversity.

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About SNCF and SNCF Network case

By integrating the podcast format into its internal communication, SNCF’s objective is simple: to give a voice to and represent more than 60,000 employees.

The two entities want to draw attention to the field teams so that everyone can share their line of work, their working life, their anecdotes and also the highlights of their career.

The challenge is also to inform all employees by publicising elements of the company’s strategic plan (career management, digitisation of professions, feminisation of the company…).

A two-fold challenge and a request: to collect these comments in a free and authentic way.

Calliopé’s response

We have taken into account the objectives of the 2 entities, SNCF Réseau and SNCF, by creating a tailor-made multi-format podcast offer, which responds to the various issues.

– The series “Entre les lignes” for example, is a series of interviews carried out by two SNCF Network employees who do not know each other and who discuss their profession and their daily work. The employees interviewed change with each episode and give a very accurate and authentic vision of their reality on the ground.

– The “Chacun sa voix” format, includes two meetings per month with two distinct themes:
“The day when…” In this series, the railway workers describe a special day that counted in their lives.
“Good start for…” evokes the TGV, in this 40th anniversary year, and how this unprecedented train left its mark on certain railway workers.

  • Creation of creative concepts
  • Creation of the names and visual identities of the programmes
  • Creation of sound logos and jingles
  • Recordings: in-situ +remotely
  • Production/Editing/Mixing
  • Hosting and branding
  • Production of promotional materials
  • Statistical reporting