An opportunity to create
premium brand content

The advantage of the podcast is the impact of the voice and its evocative power : whilst the image shows everything, the sound opens the way to the imagination.

Branded podcasts are therefore an incredible opportunity for luxury brands, whatever the sector: jewellery, hospitality, fashion, automotive, etc. Indeed, digital audio content allows luxury brands to immerse the general public in the heart of their story, and share its values directly.

The advertiser thus whispers in the ears of their consumers, and creates a strong bond with each of them. The voice reinforces this feeling to give listeners a unique experience.

And finally, the podcast gives luxury brands immense freedom and infinite potential to recreate their storytelling, immerse listeners in their world, and stand out with Premium brand content.

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About the Dior case

Dior wanted to create several series of podcasts to showcase artists, those close to the fashion house and also the voices that embody its history, in order to reach as many people as possible.

The objective is to programme these different talks over time, to become a weekly event and thus allow the Dior fashion house to maintain links with its community.

Calliopé’s reponse

The podcasts created for DIOR have one mission: to showcase the work, thinking and imagination of artists who have collaborated with the house.

Their inspirations and their creative processes are thus explored within several seasons where each episode takes the form of an immersive and inspiring dive into the artistic culture of the house of DIOR.

The vision, values and expertise of the House are thus transmitted to listeners, through the prism of voices and diverse formats :

Dior TALKS : gives the floor to artists (visual artists, photographers, designers, jewellers) who have collaborated with the brand.
Dior STORIES : is a fun and immersive format in the form of “A.B.C Dior”, where each letter introduces a symbol to be deciphered, and whose secrets we share with you.
Dior TALES : is a collection of audio tales intended for little ones.

  • Creation of the general visual identity of the channels and of the DIOR TALKS sound logo
  • Composition of the original music for each series
  • Creation of jingles for each Series
  • Recording: in-situ + remotely
  • Production/Editing/Mixing in English and French
  • Hosting and branding
  • Production of promotional materials: videos, stories…
  • Statistical reporting