Make the invisible heard
and make it accessible

Certifications and standards don’t make the headlines, but the daily activities to which they apply do!

The audio format makes it possible to place in the real world sectors of activity that are sometimes difficult to recognise. This is the case with the certification sector, which brings together many areas of expertise (inspections and audits, training, analysis,…) which apply across the board.

A realm so wide that it can sometimes be difficult to imagine the scope of these professionals.
The podcast has the power to make this expertise concrete by making the general public discover the profession, actions and characters behind the scenes who are nevertheless an integral part of our daily lives.

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About the Bureau Veritas case

The international challenge for Bureau Veritas :
Promote its multi-sector activities to the general public, by illustrating the resulting relationships of trust.

To respond to this approach that is little used in the sector, Calliopé has developed new, captivating and accessible content for all listeners, based on the positioning of the brand: “Shape a World of Trust”.
The format illustrates and strengthens this positioning with concrete examples of everyday situations and is subsequently enriched with information on Bureau Veritas’ activities.

Indeed, the certifications developed by Bureau Veritas are present everywhere around us: they are applicable in all sectors of activity, they secure our movements, regulate our consumption and make our activities safer.

The agency, through its close collaboration with the respective Bureau Veritas experts, has “brought to life” these everyday situations.

Calliopé’s reponse

The agency has favoured a short and immersive format to captivate the listener and transport them to a completely different world with each episode. This illustrates the variety of Bureau Veritas’ interventions.

This sound journey is made possible thanks to a tailor-made sound design that enriches the content.
Each episode transports us to a new world: a henhouse, a trip to the Moon, a dive into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean…An approach which aims to surprise the listener and make them travel in a 100% immersive sound universe..

The content starts from simple situations, familiar to everyone, providing the listener with an overview of the story, the impact it has and the solutions proposed by Bureau Veritas.

  • Positioning definition (editorial line, angle, format structure)
  • Branding (name of the programme, choice of music, voice over casting)
  • Writing scripts
  • Creation of a Pilot and deployment of the subsequent episodes
  • Production (recording the batch of episodes, Post-production)
  • Broadcast, Hosting
  • Uploading to platforms + delivery of an audio player