Promote your branded podcast on Instagram


Promote your branded podcast on Instagram

You have already released several episodes of your podcast but your listeners base does not grow…And unfortunately, word of mouth takes time, a lot of time!So you can (and you should!) rely on social media to attract new listeners.However, it is no longer a secret that posting the same message on all social media platforms is not compelling and does not work.So how to efficiently promote your podcast on social media platforms? How to create content that will perform and drive people to your podcast?What kind of unique content should you create depending on the platform?What if you could figure out a way to build trust with your audience, attract more listeners and create posts that generate engagement on every social network?If you are looking for the answers to these questions, keep on reading to discover useful tips on promoting your podcast on different social media platforms. Let’s start with Instagram!

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Promote your branded podcast on Instagram

As popular as Facebook in 2012, Instagram is now the number one reference when it comes to social media.

Optimize your Instagram bio

Often overlooked but yet very important, your Instagram bio should feature a link to your podcast. It is pretty obvious but brands do not always think about it.Besides generating clicks, it’s a great way to let your followers know what matters to you.“Adding the link to your podcast in your bio is telling your followers: "This is what currently matters to our brand" ”.

"Including the link to your podcast in your bio is telling your followers, this is what currently matters to our brand"


Keep track of this link.Nowadays decision-making without statistics is unimaginable. Therefore, it is important to track the performance of this link on Instagram.How to do so?You can create your tracking link with tools such as or UTM.

Focus on Instagram Stories

When a user opens the Instagram app, stories are the first pieces of content highlighted. Therefore, this is a go-to format to boost your podcast's visibility.These stories last 24 hours but still can generate a lot of engagement.An amateur without any designing skills can have fun with the tools available and create engaging content.

Use the "Countdown" sticker

Of all the options available, the “countdown” currently stands out.Perfect for teasing the release of a new episode and build momentum.Thanks to the “countdown” sticker your followers will be able to set up a “reminder” and be notified when the podcast episode is available on the listening platforms.This tool comes with a statistic: the number of followers who have activated the “reminder” option. You can have a clear idea of the impact of your promotional IG story.

Make video teasers

Pick the most powerful moments of your episode ((the ones that spark curiosity) and turn them into video clips.With a beautiful visual in the background, an audio wave, and subtitles… your video will be ready to rock!Here is an example:[video width="484" height="680" mp4=""][/video]

Use Instagram posts

Feel free to publish content related to your podcast directly on your feed (Instagram posts). It will attract listeners and promote the show.What kind of content should you post?A sophisticated teaser like this one:[video width="430" height="550" class="aligncenter" mp4=""][/video]Or video clips from your podcast (the ones mentioned earlier):[video width="450" height="450" mp4=""][/video]

Use hashtags trending in your industry

Originally on Twitter, hashtags are now common on all platforms.The efficiency of a hashtag varies constantly: those that work today may not work tomorrow.How to know which ones to use?Run a weekly check on Google. You can use sites like this to find out the most relevant ones: http://best-hashtags.comUsing the right hashtags makes Instagram’s algorithm work in your favor: your content will gain a boost of visibility!


Keep in my mind that you can create a custom hashtag for your podcast. For instance, let's use the following one: #podcastcalliope.Adding this hashtag to the caption of all your posts will gather all of your content in one place. Therefore any users who search the hashtag will be exposed to all your promotional material. This is extremely useful, especially if you share tips in posts related to your podcast.

Standing out on Instagram is not easy.The competition is intense, and your content can quickly be drowned in the mass.Therefore make sure that any piece of content you're posting is eye-catching and impactful.At all costs, avoid using only the visual of your podcast episode to promote it.

Highlight the topics discussed in your podcast!

Users are very sensitive to original and ground-breaking content.We assume that your podcast would tackle particular themes, with a specific angle, in a tone unique to your brand.Put the spotlight on the topics you are discussing in each episode!This is a great way to attract listeners who are interested in what matters to your brand.Did your guest say something uncommon that you can’t be found elsewhere? Turn this into a video clip or a visual quote. Share it and get people to share their feedback.


60 seconds is the maximum length of a video post in the feed. Too short? Yes, that is often an issue … Especially when you want to promote an hour-long podcast.What can you do? Give up Instagram and focus on another platform? Try to fit the 60 seconds standard for all your video content?No! Instagram provides its users with IGTV. This format suits all those who want to share longer videos (up to 60mn).Accessible only via Explore page, or the dedicated tab on an Instagram profile this option grew in popularity.

“Diversify the nature of your content to find different ways to address your future listeners.“

But wait… Why bother creating IGTV videos?Good question! Here the idea is to diversify content to find different ways to address your future listeners.In this case, you will attract people who are more inclined to consume video content.

What content should I share on IGTV?

Your IGTV channel should feature various content such as:

  • Behind the scenes: clips of the podcast recordings...
  • Off-air commentary in between the releases of your podcast (to keep your audience engaged),
  • Impactful parts of an episode (you can use a static image as background).


SpecificationsDimensions & durée vidéoStories

  • Portrait 9:16
  • 1080x1920
  • 15 seconds per story


  • 4:5 or 1:1
  • 1080x1350 or 1080x1080
  • 60 seconds max


  • 9:16 Portrait or 16:9 Landscape
  • 1080x1920 or 1920x1080
  • 15 minutes max via Mobile (60 minutes on desktop)

STAY TUNED: We will soon publish follow up articles with tips to promote your podcast on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and… TikTok!






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