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the genesis ofCalliopé


It was on her return from an entrepreneurial adventure in California that Nawal Hadrami met Maëva Maugard, working for the digital subsidiary of a communications group.

Nawal was a planner strategist and Maëva a project manager. They hit it off immediately, and remain friends even when they go their separate ways.

2013 to 2018

Maeva then joined Publicis, where she managed 360° projects for various major groups. As for Nawal, she takes over as head of Strategic planning for the whole group.

But the rise in popularity of podcasts, particularly in the USA, has not gone unnoticed. They immediately sense the enormous potential of this medium to enable brands to communicate in a more real, authentic, and innovative way.


The first native podcast studios were created. But Nawal and Maëva decided to launch a completely different model: the first agency 100% dedicated to branded podcasts.
To name their agency, they chose the muse of muses, the muse of epic poetry, and the eldest daughter of Zeus. CALLIOPÉ was born (meaning "with a beautiful voice" in ancient Greek). They were right, as the business took off immediately. In 2019, CALLIOPÉ introduced four major groups in this format.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the podcast industry, with many people now referring to the period of isolation as "confinement". As a result, brands no longer need to prove the effectiveness of podcast advertising, and the industry has continued to experience steady growth.


Growth continues, and Calliopé officially launches its "Visibility" offer to enable all its clients to activate promotional channels that are specifically tailored to podcasts. 

Due to this, the production of videos for social media is increasing, and there is a growing focus on managing media budgets to improve the effectiveness of branded podcasts.


CALLIOPÉ is a multi-award-winning agency, made up of a team of experienced and passionate talents. The agency is proud to have worked for over 60 key account advertisers in a wide variety of sectors, 40% of which are international, in both internal and external communications.
CALLIOPÉ uses innovative formats to provide meaningful value to specific audiences.


2013 to 2018







Calliope strives to innovate and explore new territory.

It is the agency that successfully introduced Dior into the audio field with the creation of Dior Talks, paving the way for other luxury brands to follow suit.

Since 2021, CALLIOPÉ has been a multi-award-winning agency:

1 silver award at the GRAND PRIX TOP COM 2021 - Podcast category forSONOPOLIS
1 bronze award at the GRAND PRIX STRATÉGIE du DESIGN 2021 - Category Sound Design for SONOPOLIS
1 silver award GRAND PRIX STRATÉGIE Communication Editoriale 2023 - Podcast category for MAKES SENSE
1 silver award GRAND PRIX Customer Experience STRATEGY 2023 - Category B2C Activation Campaign for LET'S GO

Since 2021, CALLIOPÉ is a multi-awarded agency:

Sound Design category

Bouygues Bâtiment

Editorial Communication


B2C activation campaign

Fitness Park
about visual mockup

In 2022, a new challenge emerges: the performance and ROI of audio brand content strategies.

CALLIOPÉ launched a division dedicated to the distribution, promotion, and mediatization of branded podcasts. The agency came full circle, supporting its customers from A to Z.

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