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Podcast figures in France
and internationally

While all eyes are on TikTok, there's another medium that's becoming increasingly popular... and that's the podcast. podcast.

For several years now, this audio medium has been making its mark on the digital landscape in France and around the world.
Accessible, fun and popular, it's growing steadily.

"The French kiff"

Le French kiff

Long considered an ephemeral trend like Periscope, Vine or even Google+... The native podcast seems well on the way to becoming part of French people's daily lives.

You may not have known it, but 82% of French people listen to audio content every day.
In February 2023 alone, French people listened to 129 million French podcasts. And every month, over 17.6 million French people listen to almost 200 million podcasts in France. That's the extent of the phenomenon.

Much more than a trend, it's now part of our daily part of our daily lives.


of French people say they have already listened to at least one piece of audio content.


of audio listening in France is to radio podcasts, 30% to native podcasts and 23% to audio fiction.


of French people who have never listened to podcasts plan to do so.


monthly listeners by the end of 2023, podcasting is far from having said its last word.


of auditors are women.


of the
native podcast audience is under 35.


live in or near a large city.


of auditors are senior managers.


of podcast consumers do so at home, and 25% in the car.


The French listen to an average of 3 different types of podcast.


prefer to listen to their podcast(s) in the evening.


have already changed their perception of a subject after listening to a podcast.

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and around the world?

As of 2023, there are approximately 464.7 million individuals worldwide who listen to podcasts, with an expected increase to 504.9 million listeners by the end of the following year.

North America has the highest number of podcast listeners, with over 40% of internet users tuning in to audio content at least once a month. In total, 78% of the population is familiar with the concept of podcasts, with 28% listening on a weekly basis.

Interest in this audio medium is also growing in Latin America and Western Europe. However, some parts of the Asia-Pacific region are slower to adopt this trend.






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