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Podcast definition

what does podcast mean?

The term podcast comes from the contraction of the two names "broadcast" and "IPod", Apple's iconic portable music player.

At the time, in the 2000s, podcasts were mainly reruns of radio programs that could be downloaded and listened to whenever you wanted.
Little by little, native podcasts began to appear.

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When we talk about a branded podcast, we're referring to a native podcast created on a brand's initiative by a specialized communications agency.

As such, it's not intended for broadcast on airwaves, but only online (mainly on audio streaming platforms).

Today, companies are waking up to the power of podcasts and incorporating this innovative and creative communication tool into their brand strategy.

Audio marketing enables brands to engage in brand storytelling, telling their own story, opening the door to behind-the-scenes insights into their company, or even showcasing their employees.
Podcasts are a complementary tool for getting closer to your audience, and can even be used to reach a new audience that you might not otherwise have reached via another medium.

Listening. Understand. Reveal. Listen. Understand. Reveal.

Listening. Understand. Reveal. Listen. Understand. Reveal.

Listening. Understand. Reveal. Listen. Understand. Reveal.

why make a
‍branded podcast?


Meeting different challenges

awareness, image, SEO, brand
employer, internal communication...


Powerful creative formats

a multitude of formats:
interview, fiction, narrative, documentary, etc.


An engaged audience

A community of podcast listeners who are actively engaged.


Strengthen your channels

podcasts reinforce all existing channels:
SEO, social media, Youtube, websites, etc.


Content accessibility

for all types of listeners:
on the move, without a screen, offline (without a network connection)


Cost control

depending on your objectives, ambitions, resources,
the format and configurations can be adapted to suit your needs.

the B2B podcast

With a branded podcast, you can play on the emotions of your core target audience: move them by interviewing celebrities or anonymous people, make them laugh with an offbeat podcast, scare them with bedtime stories...

The important thing is to bring added value, an experience to your audience to build loyalty.

You can also inform them with topics on current events in your business sector. This will reinforce your position as an expert in your field.

Thanks to branded podcasts, you can also enhance your visibility and gain notoriety.

It's no surprise that podcasts have gained popularity among the French population.

They offer convenience and accessibility, allowing listeners to enjoy them at any time of the day or night. Moreover, podcasts seamlessly integrate into people's daily routines, from cooking to exercising to taking a stroll in the woods. Brands have taken notice of this trend and are capitalizing on the opportunity by launching their own branded podcasts. This approach helps companies communicate with their customers in a unique and intimate way, allowing them to share exclusive insights and insider information.

how to create a successful
‍branded podcast?

To launch a branded podcast, a company must first choose the format that best suits its target audience.
As the market is booming, there are many possibilities:









If you're looking to launch your corporate podcast, consider partnering with a branded podcast agency like Calliopé.

Its expertise can help you design a relevant podcast and provide recording, producing, and broadcasting services tailored to your needs and resources. Additionally, the agency can help with promoting the podcast to reach your core audience. Let them guide you towards making the right choice for your podcast success.

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