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Our manifesto

Calliopé agency - "Le Milieu"

We believe that sound has
power and that it is unlimited.
It's our playground.

We're passionate, almost obsessed, about sound experiences!

Our communication agency is dedicated to perfecting the entrance to the ear, along with the palm of the hand.

In today's age, where smartphones have become the center of our lives, we believe that this is particularly relevant to our customers' concerns. Our focus is addressing issues such as the struggle for attention, the pursuit of authenticity, difficulties in addressing certain topics, and the longevity of content.

Calliopé agency - "Le Milieu"

Sound stirs the imagination and evokes strong emotions.

As a business, incorporating a unique sound experience can help create a strong bond with your consumers or employees.

It's a worthwhile investment that can have long-lasting effects, as the sound material can be reworked and used again months later.

Achieving a quality sound experience takes teamwork, with the combined efforts of a dozen talented individuals resulting in just 20 minutes of audio.

This pure creation process ultimately leads to a meaningful and valuable product..

That's all we've been doing since 2019.
We're uncompromising on quality.
We've worked with over 60 advertisers.
Our teams are made up of seasoned creatives.
We have the most advanced bespoke offering on the market.
We're independent and not linked to any media group.

With expertise and creativity, we resonate
with your messages for maximum reach

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