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"Le Milieu", a podcast by the Calliopé Agency

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LE MILIEU is the podcast that tells the story of the relationships we have
(or don't have, for that matter) with our own environments.

LE MILIEU is therefore a collection of sound portraits from (very) different backgrounds.
But LE MILIEU is also a collection of imaginary objects that are much more sensitive than you might think.

So? What do your environments look like?

Calliopé agency - "Le Milieu"

What is
"the middle"?

Because we're all at the crossroads of different milieus, but we don't necessarily have the same way of living with them!

The "Le milieu" podcast series is based on the desire to tell stories, but also to produce sound portraits, while initiating a reflection on the notion of milieu and its subjective aspects.

If everyone agrees that "this milieu is corrupt", that despite everything "it's a milieu that makes you dream", it's still "a small milieu". The meaning of the "milieu" in question, however, is rarely discussed. It remains vague, open to interpretation.

It's this free interpretation that inspired us for this series: we wanted to tell the stories we tell ourselves when we dream of bringing all our milieus together, or when, on the contrary, we try absolutely not to let them intersect.

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