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Brands and audio

The challenges for brands

A corporate podcast,
or branded podcast is a communication tool that gives a different vision of your brand, reaching your customers, prospects and collaborators in a different way.

"The French kiff"

corporate podcast: what opportunities?

It's possible for all companies to produce their own unique podcast, which is an audio program that isn't just a rebroadcast of a radio program, but rather a podcast that is entirely branded and unique to the company.

This type of entertaining and inclusive format can be listened to at any time of day, whether you're walking, driving, or even before going to bed. By creating a branded podcast, you have the opportunity to communicate with your customers and partners in a more informal and original way than through traditional channels.

A podcast is a powerful tool for a brand to build a strong relationship with its customers. 

It allows the brand to showcase its internal resources, including human resources, company partners, and subject matter experts. Moreover, it can help address customer queries or demonstrate the brand's expertise in its industry to attract new prospects. The ultimate objective is to create an interest among listeners to come back for more and develop an authentic connection with them.

Listening. Understand. Reveal. Listen. Understand. Reveal.

Listening. Understand. Reveal. Listen. Understand. Reveal.

Listening. Understand. Reveal. Listen. Understand. Reveal.

Boost your external communications with podcasts?

The battle for attention is raging!
Competition in content creation is intensifying. As a result, all players are launching the creation of vertical content (video, images, gifs), setting up live streams, and distributing "snackable" content such as "Stories" on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.

Podcasts naturally stand out from the crowd!
As an innovative marketing channel, branded podcasts are spontaneously associated with original content, enabling them to differentiate their approach and mark their positioning. There are also fewer players. Competition is therefore weaker.

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Podcast: blurring the boundaries between B2B and B2C

When it comes to podcasts, the line between B2B and B2C is often blurred. Both the sales manager and the intern could be listening to the same business podcast. The distinction between a professional listener and a casual listener is becoming less defined.

Branded podcasts can be a powerful tool for audience planning. The key is to focus on your target audience and capture their attention throughout their day, whether they're in a professional or personal setting.
The ultimate objective: connect with your target audiences and share moments with them.

B2C podcast

The podcast for B2C

Every brand desires one crucial thing... forming a connection with its audience.

This connection between the brand and the end consumer is often disrupted by reduced attention, amplified competition, environmental skepticism, and the impact of commercial intermediaries like distributors, wholesalers, and platforms.

However, with no intermediary involved in the audio relationship, the branded podcast has the potential to create or re-establish a direct link with the target audience.

the B2B podcast

The podcast for B2B

In the B2B sphere, sales cycles are often quite long and decision-makers are numerous. To increase your reputation, credibility, and legitimacy, it's essential to be patient.

Have you thought about content? With a well-thought-out content strategy, you'll have everything you need to reassure, attract and convince your prospects, guiding them from discovery to purchase. This will demonstrate your expertise and help you position yourself as the ideal partner.

How do you achieve these objectives? There are many ways. Blog articles, white papers, customer case studies... These are the kinds of content that appeal to many B2B companies. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, consider a podcast. This format is far more interactive, lively, and unexpected.

The proof is in the pudding! For 83% of listeners, a brand is more interesting when it offers a podcast.
And for 81%, this format makes companies more innovative.

To make up your own mind on the matter, there's nothing like concrete examples.

Voice has the advantage of creating a sense of proximity, intimacy and immersion. When you consider the amount of content consumed without sound on social networks... It's an extremely powerful quality! Customers are looking for this type of experience, which creates a feeling of trust that can't be found in almost any other medium, allowing them to shut themselves away for a few moments in their own bubble and give free rein to their imagination.

When it comes to audio, content is king.

An effective audio strategy for a brand must prioritize content. This can include exclusive content, stories that represent the brand, or content that reflects its values. By prioritizing content, podcasts can develop a loyal listener base. For instance, some listeners may spend over an hour tuning in to your show alone!

The concept of "auditory attention" enhances the trustworthiness of a brand. This is because the brand now has the opportunity to tailor its content based on the evolving relationship with its customers. For instance, if it wants to attract new customers or foster loyalty among existing ones, it can create bespoke audio programs that align with its objectives.

Do you want to experience what it sounds like in real life or would you rather listen to it firsthand?

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optimizing internal communication with podcasts

mounting internal communication challenges

There are many ways to give voice to internal communications, and podcasting is a great way to reinvent how you unite, inform, entertain, or surprise your employees. Often, the same tools are used to tackle the challenges of internal communications. However, podcasts offer a unique opportunity for companies to communicate differently with their employees and vary the way they express themselves.

For instance, giving employees a voice from the field can be a crucial factor in improving communication between various departments or bringing together employees who are scattered all over the country. Audio provides an authentic touch by allowing the voices of a company, with all its diversity, to be heard.

The benefits of a "corporate" podcast for your internal communications:


Involving employees, giving them a voice


Keep employees informed about what's going on in the company


Get to know the company from the inside (history, business units, projects, employees, etc.).


Nurturing your Employer Brand


Boost your external appeal

Your corporate podcasts are a little like our babies.
We conceived them, witnessed their birth, and watched them flourish.

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and around the world?

As of 2023, there are approximately 464.7 million individuals worldwide who listen to podcasts, with an expected increase to 504.9 million listeners by the end of the following year.

North America has the highest number of podcast listeners, with over 40% of internet users tuning in to audio content at least once a month. In total, 78% of the population is familiar with the concept of podcasts, with 28% listening on a weekly basis.

Interest in this audio medium is also growing in Latin America and Western Europe. However, some parts of the Asia-Pacific region are slower to adopt this trend.






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