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I have international targets, what can I do with audio?

At CALLIOPÉ we create multi-language programmes. Depending on interest and artistic direction, the voices can be dubbed or the programs adapted to several languages to suit the intended targets.

I would like to test the format first before producing on a larger scale, is this possible?

At CALLIOPÉ we also work with our customers in test-and-learn. We create pilots, capsule programmes, to test feedback and make adjustments to future programmes as needed. This allows you to confidently get started on this new channel.

Is there a minimum spend for the production of a branded podcast?

There is no minimum spend per se at CALLIOPÉ. We calibrate the creative concept according to the defined budget framework. Pooling of costs is possible on certain assignments, which is why we always work with a global vision of each project to find sources of optimisation.

How long should I allow for an audio programme to be released?

Depending on the ambition of the programme, contributors, artistic direction, … deadlines vary. However, it is worth opting for regular content release in order to test the formats and create an incremental audience with each episode release.

How can they be distributed on our social networks?

The podcast is the main content. However, at CALLIOPÉ, we deliver an audio player to integrate it natively on your websites, we create distribution packs for you that are adapted to your social networks with strong teasers or extracts that integrate with Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin …

Where will the podcasts produced be broadcast ?

The distribution strategy depends on your targets and CALLIOPÉ supports you in choosing the most relevant channels and ensures distribution: streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Google Podcasts, etc.) and / or your own ecosystem (your websites, intranets, social networks, etc.).

I am targeting professionals, do they have an interest in spoken audio?

Yes, it is a question of capturing this target according to their daily activities: in the car, in the office, doing sport,… For very effective and useful content in this format, use more broadcasts, interviews, expert contributions,… CALLIOPÉ supports you in finding solutions to your BtoB issues.

Can we use podcasts for internal communication?

Yes, and it is recommended! On employer brand issues, for example with employee involvement, the audio format is suitable: less restrictive for recordings than video, it allows high recurrence and efficient internal deployment.