Seize the opportunity of audio
to communicate differently.

The podcast makes it possible to revisit institutional communication by focusing on a novel tone, the proximity created with listeners bringing freshness and modernity to the message broadcast.

The audio format makes it possible to impact both the content and the perception of the message broadcast:

  • The podcast narrows the distance that is often attributed to institutions by bringing proximity and a more casual tone than traditional formats.
  • It conveys strong messages : whether it is to inform, educate or popularise, the audio format adapts to all purposes.
  • It promotes the target populations by giving them a voice, bringing a unique authenticity to the messages conveyed.

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About the case : The Bretagne Region

Objective : Give the region a voice and promote its heritage

This is the first time that a region like Brittany has called upon the native podcast to promote its culture and shake up institutional communication. The challenge is to set up a programme that will last from season to season.

The Region wanted to put the spotlight on Breton culture, local activities and know-how, without falling into the usual clichés seen and reported about Brittany.

The accounts needed to be external to maintain all the authenticity of the comments and ensure a diversity of profiles present in the podcast.

Calliopé’s reponse

Far from promoting politics or tourism, the podcast is aimed above all at Bretons and lovers of Bretagne : the tone is dynamic, young, inclusive and far from clichéd.

Season 1, released in 2020, sets out to meet local producers and showcase unusual and little-known produce, cultivated in Bretagne.
Season 2, for its part, explores in an uninhibited way eco-responsible initiatives in the region, through the voice of a reporter who has gone to meet the Bretons who have raised personal and professional awareness on these subjects.

  • Creating the programme name
  • Creation of the sound logo and the jingle
  • Casting the Hosts
  • Writing scripts
  • In-situ recordings
  • Production/Editing/Mixing
  • Hosting and branding
  • Statistical reporting