Our complete branded podcast offer

We all want to share our stories. We all have messages to get across.

Your brand does too !

We give a voice to your Stories and the strong messages you want to convey.
The agency supports you at every step in the creation of your podcast, to offer you a personalised experience and a unique result. You can therefore provide content to your community.

  • innovative
  • immersive
  • captivating.

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Design your audio programmes



Together we define your objective, your target and your messages to match your needs as closely as possible in the development of an editorial line, the creation of the concept and the implementation of your podcast branding.



We help you choose the most relevant speakers and provide you with the appropriate casting (actors, journalists, experts, collaborators, etc.)



We support you in writing your podcasts, all audio formats included : interview frames, documentaries or fiction scripts, …


Sound identity

Let’s create the sound identity of your audio programmes together, to strengthen their impact and ensure overall consistency with your entire brand.

Calliopé support you in the distribution of your podcasts

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Producing your podcasts

We adapt our sound production, and therefore our technical and operational configuration, according to your specifications and your project. Therefore we can guarantee flexible but high quality recordings and post-production for the sake of your content.



We provide you with three types of personalised recordings :
In studio at Calliopé (Paris)
In-situ (France & International) : at your premises, at your guests’ homes, at an event, in an outside location for a report …
Remotely : to overcome mobility constraints


Post Production

The podcast comes to life at this final stage of production. Our technical and creative teams edit, sound design and mix your podcasts in the studio.

Calliopé supports you in the production of your podcasts

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Broadcasting your podcasts

Creating a podcast doesn’t stop with its production.

This is why Calliopé brings your branded podcast to your audience. Whether you want to reach an internal, external or international target, the agency supports you in your cross-channel distribution strategy, to achieve the jointly set objectives.

On streaming platforms
On the Web

Accessible to all

We believe that the podcast experience should be accessible to everyone.Therefore, we provide your branded podcasts in a format suitable hearing-impaired and deaf people. Our product also suit listeners working in noisy settings, open space offices…

Calliopé supports you in the broadcast of your podcasts

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Promoting your podcasts

Now that your podcast is available, let’s get it heard!


Step 1

The first step is to activate the communities who are already engaged and transform them into listeners by levaraging all your platforms : your social networks, your website, your intranet…and those of your contributors.
We offer more efficiency by supporting you in the creation of formats adapted to each message:
stories, posts, video teasers …


Step 2

The second step is media coverage.
To reach a larger target and boost your performance, we support you in setting up Host Read*, programmatic audio or performance.

*an influential podcaster (s) recommends your podcast directly to their listeners

Calliopé supports you in promoting your podcasts

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