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Bouygues Immobilier

Bouygues Immobilier


Bouygues immobilier wanted to talk about the city of tomorrow in the form of a podcast. The format was free, but the challenge was to be heard by both the general public and the business ecosystem.

It's against this backdrop that the agency has come up with the PERSPECTIVE documentary series, in which the host (Alain, in his thirties, urban, active) seeks answers to the questions he asks himself about his environment: "Can we be urban and close to nature?", "What will my office look like in 20 years?", "How can I adapt my city life to the challenges of climate change? His investigation will of course take him to architects and designers, but he will also seek answers from anthropologists, historians and biologists.

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Issues and challenges

- Position Bouygues Immobilier as a key player in its sector, involved in the major changes affecting housing and, more broadly, lifestyles.

- Demonstrate the breadth of its areas of action.

- Addressing the general public and customers as much as the business ecosystem.

- Surprise with a new format

Bouygues Immobilier

THE calliope Answer

- A new documentary format for the Bouygues group: embodied by a city dweller who asks questions about the environment around him, the series highlights today's issues, which will shape the city of tomorrow.

- Unique and complementary voices: real estate experts (architects, town planners, etc.) are given the floor, along with new specialists (biologists, anthropologists, historians, etc.), to cross-fertilize visions and give listeners different perspectives.

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