Advise and support
candidates and students

The podcast responds to the two major challenges facing schools and training centres : recruiting new students and supporting students during their studies.

Creating a podcast to attract new talent is effective because :

  • It attracts future students with a very modern format adapted to new uses.
  • The content allows students just like them to talk, and their voices make the speech extremely credible and therefore effective
  • Audio and voice create a strong bond with every listener. An opportunity to promote the school and create a first contact

Creating a podcast to support the school’s students :

  • An editorial line and a creative format reflecting the school, its DNA, and its positioning.
  • The podcast makes it possible to stay in touch with all the students by talking to them directly.
  • Students can be integrated into the programme, offering relevant content adapted to listeners’ expectations and ensuring wide promotion (internal or general public).

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About the EN3S case

Each year, a national selection process is organised to access training for “Managing Social Protection Organisations”.

During these tests, EN3S offers a series of 6 podcasts to support and prepare candidates for the different stages of this process.

Short podcasts, delivered by different stakeholders : former candidates, members of the panel, school administration to ensure relevant, realistic content, adapted to listeners’  expectations.

Calliopé’s reponse

The challenge for the agency was to fully support the school in launching this programme. The appearance of non-professionals at the microphone always requires the necessary framing and coaching to ensure an impactful end result.

  • Creation of the programme’s sound identity
  • Creation of the jingle with voiceover
  • CALLIOPÉ studio recording
  • Coaching of non-professional contributors
  • Production / Editing / Mixing
  • Hosting + Digital distribution
  • Statistical reporting